”Epithet after epithet was found too weak to convey to those who have not visited the intertropical regions, the sensations of delight which the mind experiences” Charles Darwin

Why Ecuador?

Incredible Wildlife, Darwin Theory of Evolution, Hiking, Snorkeling, Culture and Galapagos Island!

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Straddling the Equator in western South America, Ecuador is about the
size of Colorado or Italy. While only a minnow in geographic size, it is one of the planet’s giants of biodiversity


..when you transverse Ecuador from the Amazon rain forest to the snowline of Cotopaxi (Earth’s highest active volcano), it equals a journey from Brazil to northern Canada in terms of climate changes and plantformations.”

Megadiverse wilderness

These lands and seascapes are home to18% of all the Earth’s bird species and 369 species of mammals including
Spectacled bears and pumas in the Andes, Jaguars and pink river dolphins in the Amazon, Humpback whales in the
Pacific Coast, and blue whales and orcas in Galapagos.

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