Enjoy your visits there, particularly its wines!

Why Chile?

Located at the ultimate spot in the world, its geography allows you to enjoy the most diverse tourist and natural attractions.You will have the chance of discovering the country’s history through its original cultures, cities and gastronomy.

Let yourself be surprised by the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world; the modern and cosmopolitan city of Santiago.The best ski centers of South America; the wonders of its central valleys, where the best wine is born,the majesties of the Patagonia and the Chilean Antarctica, as well as the Easter Island’s natural charm.

Every part of this country has a different story to tell.

Chile, all are welcome – Land of Contrasts

Living  culture

Each place in the city of Chile is enriched by its culture and traditions.

There are five different places that have been named Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

It is also the only country where the Mapuche culture still participates actively in society.

A country that, within its area of 4329 kilometres, offers a great variety of outdoors activities.

Here you will find the driest desert in the world, plus 20% of its territory has protected natural areas as well as more than 3000 kilometres of trekking routes.


Our wines are our best presentation letter, along 11 different routes you will discover the incomparable taste and magic of the different varieties produced in our country.

You will visit some of the most world-famous vineyards, as well some work in progress and exclusive ones.

In its gastronomy, dishes with local ingredients and recipes are the best; with a mixture of international cuisine.

You will enjoy unique meals, representative if every area of the country.

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